Transfer Scholarships

Transfer Scholarship Information

Transfer students who will attend NSU for the first time during either the Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 semesters should complete this application. By completing this application, you are applying for In-State Transfer Tuition Waiver Scholarships. You can view a complete list of transfer tuition waivers and requirements below. In addition to these transfer scholarships, you may also be eligible for privately funded scholarships from the NSU Foundation by completing this application. Both in-state and out-of-state students are eligible for our foundation scholarships.

SUMMER 2022 OR FALL 2022

Application Deadline: May 1

Student must be admitted by the scholarship deadline.

Scholarship Minimum College GPA Amount Per Year Duration
Phi Theta Kappa* PTK Member $2,500 2 Years
Tulsa Achieves*1 3.75-4.0 $2,000 2 Years
Tulsa Achieves*1 3.5-3.75 $1,500 2 Year
Tulsa Achieves*1 3.25-3.49 $1,000 1 Year
Smart Choice Presidential*3 3.8-4.0 $4,000 2 Years
Smart Choice*2 3.5-4.0 $1,500 2 Years
Smart Choice Part-Time*2 3.5-4.0 $500 1 Year
RiverHawk Transfer* 3.5-4.0 $1,000 1 Year

Scholarships are not automatic and are awarded based on availability of funds and application receipt date. Students can only receive one of the above tuition waivers.

*Only in-state students, that are pursuing a first bachelor's degree, are eligible for these tuition waivers. Students must plan to enroll full-time (enroll in at least 12 hours at NSU) in order the be awarded a transfer scholarship. There is one exception to this rule: our Smart Choice Part-Time award. Students would need to be enrolled in between 6-11 hours in order to be considered a part-time student.

Only those applicants that have completed/will complete the Tulsa Achieves program are eligible.

2 Only students transferring from one of our Smart Choice partner institutions (CASC, CSC, EOSC, NEO, TCC) are eligible. 

3 Only students transferring from one of our Smart Choice partner institutions (CASC, CSC, EOSC, NEO) are eligible. 

Are you an Out-of-State transfer student?

Please visit our Out-of-State scholarship page for more information on our non-resident tuition waivers.