Finish in 4

Finish in 4 Program

Finish in 4 is a new academic scholarship program that will begin with the Fall 2016 semester, to a select group of incoming Freshmen. 

Benefits of the program include: 

  • Special advisement and support to help students obtain a degree in 4 years
  • A cohort group of students that will live in campus housing in the same area
  • Special sections of general education classes students will enroll in as a group
  • Activities, and campus and community involvement for students
  • Scholarship incentive for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year in the program

Expectations of the students selected for the program include: 

  • Must live on campus for 2 years
  • Complete at least 30 hours in an academic year and maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Declare a major by the end of their freshman year
  • Meet with an advisor at least once every semester
  • Enroll in classes designated for the Finish in 4 program
  • Participate in Rookie Bridge Camp
  • Participate in job shadowing and career assessment before declaring a major
  • Attend activities on campus
  • Join a student organization
  • Participate in Community Engagement events