International Student Scholarships

International Scholarship Applications

Full-time, degree-seeking international students may qualify for an International Student Scholarship. This is a scholarship offered by the Office of International Programs and, if granted, will be applied towards the student's tuition over two semesters. To qualify for this scholarship the student must fill out the application and meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Gain full admission to a degree program (not ESL)

Application for the scholarship does not guarantee the student will receive the award. The Office of International Programs will review applications and notify applicants who are selected.

Scholarship amounts will vary.

Download the International Scholarship Application for Continuing NSU students (PDF)

Download the International Scholarship Application for New NSU students (PDF)

For the Fall Semester: July 1 
For the Spring Semester: November 1

Please visit our Office of International Programs webpage for more detailed information about programs, admission requirements, and much more!